Your Price $22.71 Savings: 54.9% WAS $50.33

AJM Packaging Corporation

White Paper Plates, 9" Diameter, 100/Bag, 10 Bags/Carton

AJM Packaging Corporation Paper Plates

Uncoated paper plates.

Uncoated paper plates.



Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Your Price $21.01 Savings: 57.8% WAS $49.78


Mild Cleansing Pink Lotion Soap, Floral-Lavender, Liquid, 1gal Bottle, 4/Carton

Produces abundant lather in hard or soft water.

Cleans thoroughly.

Boardwalk® Lotion Soap

Mild cleansing lotion.

Item Code: BWK410CT

Pack/UOM: CT ()

0 Stars
Your Price $7.15 Savings: 45.4% WAS $13.09


Retractable Feather Duster, Black Plastic Handle Extends 9" to 14"

Excellent ability to attract and hold dust.

Feathers retract into plastic handle.


Feather duster. Excellent ability to attract and hold dust. Economical feathers retract into plastic handle.

Item Code: BWK914FD

Pack/UOM: EA ()

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Your Price $35.71 Savings: 46.3% WAS $66.44


Disinfecting Wipes, 7 x 8, Lemon Fresh, 75/Canister, 6/Carton

Ideal for day care centers, offices, schools, restaurants and other commercial facilities.

Dissolves grease and removes tough soap scum.


Kills cold and flu viruses and the organism that can cause whooping cough.

Item Code: CLO15948CT

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Your Price $53.48 Savings: 47.9% WAS $102.67

Liquid Plumr

Heavy-Duty Clog Remover, Gel, 80oz Bottle, 6/Carton

Ideal for use in offices, schools, day care centers, restaurants and other commercial restrooms .

Heavy-duty clog remover.

Heavy duty formula.

Ready-to-use, one-step solution clears fully-clogged and slow-running drains.

Item Code: CLO35286CT

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes six bottles of clog remover.)

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Your Price $69.37 Savings: 45.3% WAS $126.76


Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags, 24 x 27 3/8, 13gal, .95mil, White, 100/Box, 4/CT

Great for offices, day care centers, schools and restaurants.

Easy to lift, carry and toss away.

Tall kitchen drawstring bags.

Bags are stronger than ever so go ahead and fill them up.

Item Code: CLO78526CT

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Your Price $30.67 Savings: 62.8% WAS $82.34

General Supply

Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 420 Sheets/Roll, White, 96 Rolls/Carton

Absorbent, two-ply tissue.

Two-ply paper toilet tissue.

Reliable and economical choice.

General Supply Bath Tissue

Item Code: GEN800

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Your Price $23.52 Savings: 61.7% WAS $61.35


Center-Pull Roll Towels, 2-Ply, White, 8 x 10, 600/Roll, 6 Rolls/Carton


Center-pull roll towels that fit standard dispenser.

Soft but tough.

Fits standard dispensers.


Pack/UOM: CT (Includes six rolls, 600 towels per roll)

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Green ProductContains Recycled Material
Your Price $17.93 Savings: 60.8% WAS $45.75


Single-Fold Paper Towels, 1-Ply, Kraft, 9" x 9 1/4"

Fits standard dispensers.

Single-fold paper towels.

Ideal for hand washing stations.

GEN Single-Fold Paper Towels

Item Code: GENSF5001K

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes 12 packs of 334 sheets.)

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Green ProductContains Recycled Material
Your Price $77.96 Savings: 56.6% WAS $179.57


Foam Hoagie Container, 8 7/16 x 4 3/16 x 3 1/16, White, 125/Bag, 4 Bags/Carton

Compartmentalized options available.

Convenient one-piece, hinged-lid design.

Versatile foam food containers with hinged lid.

Keep food fresh and temperature controlled.

Item Code: GNP21600

Pack/UOM: CT (Four packs of 125 containers each)

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Your Price $105.18 Savings: 55.8% WAS $237.80


Lemon Pumice Hand Cleaner, Lemon Scent, 4.5 lb Tub

Special crème formula leaves hands smooth and clean.

Can be used with or without water—just rub then wipe clean with a towel.

GOJO® Pumice Hand Cleaner

Effective for removing heavy-duty grease, tar and oil from hardest-working hands using pumice scrubbers.

Item Code: GOJ0915

Pack/UOM: CT (Includes six 4.5 pound cartridge refills per case.)

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Your Price $66.30 Savings: 57.4% WAS $155.75


NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner Refill, Citrus Scent, 2000mL, 4/Carton

Hand cleaner with pumice scrubbing particles.

Contains pumice scrubbing particles.

Quick-acting lotion formula cleans a broad range of industrial soils, medium dirts and grease.

GOJO® NATURAL ORANGE™ Pumice Hand Cleaner Refill

Item Code: GOJ7255

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Your Price $57.50 Savings: 53.8% WAS $124.54


White Facial Tissue, 2-Ply, Pop-Up Box, 100/Box, 36 Boxes/Carton

This product is made from wood that came from a certified managed forest.

The best image for your business.

Special feature lets you know when tissues are about to run out.

Kleenex® White Facial Tissue

Item Code: KCC21400

Pack/UOM: CT (36 boxes of 100 facial tissues each)

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Your Price $40.62 Savings: 52.8% WAS $86.08

Wausau Paper

EcoSoft Jumbo Tissue, 2-Ply, 12 Rolls/Carton

Wausau Paper® EcoSoft® Jumbo Universal Bathroom Tissue

Jumbo bathroom tissue rolls save storage space and are ideal for high-traffic facilities.

Space-saving jumbo bathroom tissue.

One roll equals 5.3 rolls of standard roll tissue, reducing frequency of toilet roll changes.

Item Code: WAU10020

Pack/UOM: CT ()

0 Stars
Green ProductContains Recycled Material
Your Price $36.87 Savings: 51.9% WAS $76.64

Wausau Paper

EcoSoft Household Roll Towels, 11 x 9, White, 100/Roll, 30 Rolls/Carton

Wausau Paper® EcoSoft® Household Roll Towels

Heavy diamond quilt embossing.

Household paper towel roll.

Soft and absorbent.

Item Code: WAU40000

Pack/UOM: CT ()

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Green ProductContains Recycled Material
Your Price $16.43 Savings: 46.5% WAS $30.72

Earthsense Commercial

Recycled Tall Kitchen Bags, 13-16gal, .8mil, 24 x 33, White, 150 Bags/Box

Earthsense® Commercial Linear-Low-Density Recycled Tall Kitchen Bags

Extra-heavy, linear, low-density plastic.

Linear-low-density, recycled , tall kitchen bags.

Resists punctures.

Item Code: WBIRNW1K150V

Pack/UOM: BX (Includes 150 can liners)

0 Stars
Green ProductContains Recycled Material